Fox Medicine

ART METAL MARCH MINI TOUR is over now........ aww


WE had such funz and gigglz this little tour... met so many cool people, crushed and destroyed with our medicine and played a few encores here and there. The good people demanded more of our FM juice. Thank you friends, old and new for coming to see us and hanging out with us, we can't wait to do it again! For now we make the new musics in the studio cave and record mystical video demos of our new album, for your viewing pleasure. We have some sexy new merch, and i will update it soon so that you can acquire it on our own site, as well as some otherz. xoxoxo N+ V



True News.



Also we played a show in Eugene for the first time ever, and everyone was down with our darkness and sparkle noize.

We are busy with new song baking, but will be playing lots more west coast shows. comin up . stay tuned <3



Update steak.


lets seee here, we moved to Eugene, OR successfully and LOVE it soo +have a video that we finished a while ago... writing new songs daily and have driven far and wide like seattle, pdx searching for all new gear for FM, and have finally collected all the pieces again so that we can begin to play shows again.. its hard being a gypsy. you lose a lot. but you gain a lot too. losing gear sux tho. Well enjoy the video and check out the NOISE NURSE compilation of my various nee tunes !



Bohemian like Justin Trudeau


I think people were a little scared of our darkness. However. We won  and they submitted to us like helpless puppydogs.

It was a pleasure. I had some Nee Time in the Reflection Sanctuary by myself.

However, Justin Trudeau wasn't above coming out to our gig and he liked my style. He liked my sparkly glam boots. and complimented my dripping passion and firey state. .

Vanny killed itt too.


Purple Mountain and Pink Fish


There will be a show next weekend. I want to dazzle in gold. I was knitted and wooly up in alaska all week finding myself very tangled in the ruggedness of it all. Made out with the ocean as well. Ate its offerings. meow. There were tiny houses, which i LOVEE.. ALSO SINCE i rudely pushed back the release date of our EP, I will post here a song track list, so that it seems more legit, but i promise it is cooking. The beans are just not soft yet! IT is coming. and magnificent things are happening. Lots of love and kisses from Nurse Nee xoxoxoxo


into the wooods.


this weekend we vanished into the woods and danced with wolves and emerged with alll the pieces of our EP completed and recorded. We howled at the moon, screamed with banshees and rode broom sticks till the goats came home. fire walk with meeeeeee