Fox Medicine

Our New album is available for Pre-order!!! LIMITED EDITION so grab yours NOW!


bubblegum tour dates! (more TBA)



This is available for you while we work on our new album!!


Ok Earthlings. your sonic postcard is here.. Greetings from Mars is OUT NOW!!! STREAM IT , love it and buy it on bandcamp!

 Our new spiffed out nurse shirts tho! Get one on bandcamp or at a show! 



Lots of shows added and we are very excited about some new merch, including our limited edition bubblegum cassette tapes! You can grab one at a show or through our bandcamp! Check out the new shirts too!! xo

Good news ! our album is all done and it sounds phenom! Greetings from Mars will be released on January 31. 2018. our hometown/Eugene album release party will be a hoot on January 27th @ Old Nick's Pub!! with our lovely friends King Ghidora and An Empty Room! A night of space rock, glitter and doom! 


Hey kids, shows again in december.. we're just getting this record ready to serve.. keep it cozy!

hey boyz n gurls, summmmer is hot . hot. hot. we've been steadily making a batch of song cookies for you and our next record.. which will be something special....... it will be available on Vinyl, and CD -for you old schoolers, and of course as a download.. PLUS we are working on a new way to present it to you .. a new format. a new perspective...... you will seeeeee. stay tuned. In the mean time you can get our demo EP "Based on Need" for free or you can throw us a couple dollars , up to you.. but there is no set price at this time! We played some super fun summer shows and there will be live Fox MEdicine action coming to Portland's Channel 11 some time soon, courtesy of PDX Punk Scene Reviews (Those lovely peeps also wrote a review of our show, check it out in the press section)! we will let you know when it will air!!!! xxooxx ps. If you have been to our shows and have taken pictures or want to write a review, hit us up! (we will reward you!!!!) neezy.dynamite at gmail dot com ! 


Woah hello Fox Medicine? Long time no update// what gives? well, nee got trapped in an alternate universe, a bubble universe of sorts and lived the life of some stranger for a month in a strange place we're not sure even exists. but it might because airplanes could actually take you there.. but I digress.. Luckily Nee was fished out of this world , but not without a struggle and can now continue to record and write our full length album which is already pretty fucking tasty sounding. The other thing to mention is that this Saturday July 15th, we are playing a really fun Festival hosted by Southside Tattoos in Ashland, OR. We like tattoos and babes and bikes and beer as much as anyone if not more.... so we'll be there. and you should come too. We are also not playing much cuz of recording, and alternate universe business, but we will be playing in Portland on August 4th with some other awesome Lady rockers. That's happening at the Lombard Pub and will be a hot slice for sure. Other than that we played in Seattle before nee got sucked into the void and we loved it. they loved it. o m y god. jimi hendrix loved it.

Come see us and hear all kinds of new tunes this Saturday May 20th at the Halloween in Spring Bash @ The Campbell Club in Eugene and for a heap of good bands in Seattle on Sat, May 27th @ Substation.. We are stoked to play live as we have been holed up in our cold dark fox cave and recording new tunes, while the sun shines and the birds play somewhere out there..



On behalf of the cosmic gypsies here at Fox Medicine, I want to thank all you lovely gurls and boyz who came to see us on our mini tour!!



Come see us this March on our Art Metal March Mini Tour in Oregon!! We are gonna hit up Eugene, Portland and Salem! Come say hi and have some candy with us !


Heyyy! Lots of news here @ Fox Medicine... We added a new band member, and he rules (more on him later!) and if you want to experience the whole spectacle for yourself, come out to Old Nick's on Friday night! Fox Medicine on at 9:45pm! Don't be Late!!!



and have you seen our video for Fuzzy Cocoon!?



Hellow !!!! We are happy to announce that our EP "BASED ON NEED" is outttt and you can listen to your hearts content! You can get it on bandcamp, or you can purchase a hardcopy on cassette or owl flashdrives in our shop section! Enjoy!!  Please be sure to tell your friends about Fox Medicine and to share on your social media! xoxox



Hellooooo there post modern grunge babies. We are Fox Medicine. Our first EP will be released September 23 , 2016. You will be able to pre-order it shortly! Our first video and merch coming soon ! Nee + Vanny, xoxo



We had the best time at Bohemia! Thanks Everyone who came and rocked out to our mystical devil music.. <3