Neezy Dynamite - Boutique Doll Voice/Crunchy Guitar/Song Designer

Nee rides broomsticks and likes to gypsy around.


Vanny Keeps - Sexy Beats/Drum Beats/Wild Introvert/Sound Designer

Vanny likes to tinker and get stuff done.




 Fox Medicine - A weird concept to begin with, that requires belief in magic and ancient spirituality, weaves a foundation for this two bodied enterprise. A band that is tied to the past as much as to the future, relies on unconventional thought forms and approaches songwriting as an abstract painting, but with some obvious ties to earthly gravity. Fox Medicine, consisting of Neezy Dynamite (Vocals/Guitars) and Vanny Keeps (Drums, Vocals, Synths) wants to blast off constantly and there is a sense of urgency, an unbearable excitement felt from both members; yet their synchronicity is magnetic and keeps their feet on the ground. Founded in the dark tall mountains of Canada, while conducting life related experiments and investigating alien abductions the two misfits found themselves trying to escape reality by making their own. In a house of art they rented a room, but were soon kicked out because all the painters complained their music was too loud and jarring. Moving to the Pacific Northwest in 2017 with a couple of DIY releases in the bag, gave them a fresh start and they found themselves somewhat at home, at last. In 2019, they recorded their first studio album with Toshi Kasai (Melvins, Big Business, Tool, Helmet) titled "Procedures Mystiques", a 9 song puzzle piece that will be released on Vinyl, CD and digitally on 11/8/19 through their own label Night Nurse Records. The band is touring the West Coast extensively until the end of the year to promote their wildly hypnotic and rambunctiously heavy "Bubblegum Doom" sound.



"Melvins on steroids" -Kyla from ATALA (High Desert, CA)

"I wish Fox Medicine played everywhere and every day" FM's #1 Portland Fan, B.B.

"I transcended to another dimention while listening to your music" -Fan from Chico, CA

"What I love about Fox Medicine is that they are one of the only if not the only band that uses noise in service of magic / spiritual vibes from down to earth to outer space. I can’t WAIT to get the new album" -Ben Joplin, Writer -Buffalo, NY

"Soooooooo fun!" -Fan from Los Angeles, CA

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