Excerpt from Interview: You seem to have a good reason for going out and experiencing reality. You met Vanny at a MELVINS show in Chicago, yet you’re based in Eugene, Oregon, right? What were you doing over there? Drop us more details on how it happened. How do you form a band with a stranger met on a show in a distant city? Well that is a very good question. I myself am a bit of a gypsy. I grew up in Canada and was living in Toronto at the time. Me and my friends drove to Chicago on a road trip to see THE MELVINS and I met Vanny outside of the club. I flew out to Chicago frequently and we would jam and record. It’s a really cool place. For a while I was working and going to school in super cold northern Canada, surrounded by Rocky Mountains and that is where I wrote Based on Need and Vanny would visit me and we practiced and recorded it in a little cabin in the woods. So our paths crossed many times and now we are both living in Eugene, OR. Life is very mysterious and magical that way! ” - Karol Kaminski

Idioteq.com (Poland)

Excerpt from Interview: We are Fox Medicine, a band consisting of Neezy Dynamite -Guitar/vocals and Vanny Keeps (drums/vocals/synths)and we make elegant Noise Rock/Art Metal with Sludgy tendencies. We currently live in rainy, mystical Eugene, OR. Although we believe ourselves to be of outer worldly origin, we write songs about human problems such as fantasies about alien abduction or getting out of debt. Fox Medicine can fill your 90’s desires with modern sludge infusions and a sparkling noise rock flair. We offer music for outsiders and people whose appetites aren’t sufficiently addressed in the mainstream arena. Take your noise pills and crush your opponents with secret powers!!!” - Adam Reeve

Sounds Good Blog (UK)

Excerpt about Fox Medicine (Thank you so much! <3) "But for my money, the band you will not want to miss are the openers Fox Medicine from Eugene, a experimental punk / metal two piece is as strange as the Melvins, and charming as The Ax, and as loud as anything else you’ve ever heard.  Fox Medicine shreds, hypnotizes, and wails in a way that you will not want to miss.” - Austin Rich

Salem Weekly (USA)

A dose of sparkly-yet-sludgy indie rock from Oregon's emerald city.” - Portland Mercury

Portland Mercury

The opening act was Fox Medicine, a Noise Rock Art Metal 2 piece from Eugene. They braved the sweltering heat to get up on the stage, and we were immediately glad they did. If you were to take Negativland and Captain & Tenille, toss them in a blender and hit 'Frappe', you would come really close to describing Fox Medicine, and that still wouldn't tell the whole story. Guitarist/vocalist Neezy has a powerful, strident voice that hearkens back to the great Poly Styrene in it's screaming fury. She has a commanding stage presence and knows how to hold the audience's attention. Drummer Vee has some serious chops, and his kick drum technique is perfect. Together they are a tight-knit duo that you gotta see to appreciate. If you head down to Eugene anytime soon, check the local listings and hope they are playing.” - PDX Punk Scene Reviews

PDX Punk Scene Reviews

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The Golden Bull, 412 14th St, Oakland, CA



Kelly's Olympian, 426 SW Washington, Portland, OR

Our Glorious Studio Album PROCEDURES MYSTIQUES will be released on purple vinyl! Come dance with us.  Pet Weapon and LaGoon join us for our big celebration!!!!